Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Very First Blog Post!!

That's right! I have finally joined the blogging world! Ok so I know my blog design is really really boring but hopefully as I find out more about blogs it will change and start to reflect more of my personality :) There ares so many things I want to write about in my very first post but hopefully it won't be too long...or boring :p

"My Compass Works Fine"

I set up a blog a couple of months ago but by the time I got around to creating my first post a friend of mine published their blog on Facebook with the exact same name of my blog! So since she got to it first I had to come up with a whole new name. I was looking for quotes from one of my favourite movies Pirates of the Caribbean and found this one:
Elizabeth Swan: Why doesn't your compass work?
Jack Sparrow: ...My compass works fine
I like this quote because throughout the movie there's this big hanging question about why Jack has a compass that doesn't point north. But as Gibbs so nicely puts it: "But we're not trying to find North are we?"

Sometimes in life we are so focused on trying to find whatever is North in our lives. Or in other words, our Plan A for our life. But sometimes our compass doesn't point us that way. It seems like the plans I make almost never work out and I end up in a completely different direction than I had thought and sometimes even wanted...but my compass still works just fine.

Time Out For Women

This past weekend I decided at the last minute to attend Time Out For Women with my sisters. I'm so glad I did! Not only did I get to spend some amazing time with Jen and Chrissy, but I was also immensly uplifted about my life. I found new direction in an area of my life that I have been constantly thinking about and wondering what to do. If any of you haven't been to a TOFW I highly suggest you go to the next one that's in your area. You won't regret it!